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Your Home Should Be Your Own








Exposure to light can make our moods flourish. Sometimes artificial light is necessary to make a room function properly. Diffused, or indirect light, establishes the emotional tone whether its source is natural or artificial. For homes, diffused light is the first layer of lighting required. Task lighting, the second layer, provides focused light for practical purposes. Task lighting can be natural, although artificial light allows more flexibility. Whatever the source, both layers – emotional and practical – combine in casting the best light on a home’s interior.















Color makes a room large or small, inviting or formal. Color can make a space feel warm or cool.

























Texture can awaken the senses, spirit and life of a room by using contrasts such as smooth and rough surfaces, and can be changed seasonally. For example, a sisal area rug, appropriate for a summer interior, can be replaced with a Persian rug in the winter.







Shutters are a great way to replace outdated blinds, and fit well with classic and modern home designs.


Intimate lighting choices can easily transform an outdoor space.


With good design, your home can be transformed into a space you love.


Adding new floors and tile can easily change the look and feel of your living space.


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